This Is Why Arvind Kejriwal Said That He Will Chant ‘Modi, Modi’

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12:30 pm 2 Apr, 2017


Arvind Kejriwal will blame it on Modi. At a rally called by the Delhi Chief Minister, the crowd chanted the Prime Minister’s name.


As the battle for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) nears, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has started campaigning extensively.

On Saturday, Kejriwal was addressing a rally at Gautam Vihar Chowk. While he was narrating the achievements of his party and was making promises, the crowd began chanting “Modi, Modi”.



But Kejriwal remain unruffled. He, quite surprisingly, responded by saying that he, too, will chant the PM’s name if “electricity rates go down by doing so”.

“Chanting Modi’s name will not get you food. Some of you have gone mad,” he remarked.

“Ask them if chanting Modi’s name can waive off the house tax for you. Even I am ready to chant PM’s name if this happens,” Kejriwal said to the crowd.



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