Man Who Donated Blue Wagon R To Arvind Kejriwal Wants It Back Because He Has Lost Faith In AAP

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 11:41 am


Like two lovers, Arvind Kejriwal and his blue Wagon R car completed each other.

They were inseparable during those agitations that the now Delhi CM held under a punishing sun. They remained at each other’s side in those days when Kejriwal was first contesting for the post of CM.

It was the Wagon R that Kejriwal’s choice of vehicle when he became CM for the first time and refused using a government car.

It was the car which once became a meeting room of his first cabinet.

She was beside him when he chose to sleep on the street.

In fact when you type “Kejriwal car” in Google Images search, it returns images of the blue Wagon R.

But that love story might end very soon because the father of the girl…errr…real owner of the Wagon R wants his precious back. He is UK-based Kundan Sharma.

The car is registered in his wife’s name.

Sharma was once a die-hard supporter of the AAP and donated the car, his bike and money for use by the party. They officially acknowledged his donation.


But today, things have become very different.

Sharma is disillusioned because of the ugly rift in the party that has resulted in the unceremonious – and almost humiliating – ouster of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.

Also, Kejriwal himself has ditched the very same beauty that stood by him like a rock – he ‘gifted’ the gift to one of his party members ahead of the 2015 Delhi Elections and is himself riding around in an Innova.


There is, however, a catch. Is Kundan Sharma legally entitled to get his car back? We don’t know.