Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Declares Assets; His Wealth Declined By 8.9 Percent

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10:40 pm 2 Jul, 2016

The first and only minister from NDA government, Arun Jaitley, declared his assets. The value of his assets declined by 8.9 percent.

The financial statement showed decline of value of assets from Rs 67.01 crore to Rs 60.99 crore  as compared to the last financial year.




The finance minister has less amount in his bank balance and in hand. He owns four cars instead of five now.

Though the value of jewellery has gone up by Rs 9.9 lakh, his bank balance reduced to Rs 1 crore in FY 2015-16. However, he owns six properties across Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat and Punjab. Five of these properties are jointly held by his wife, Sangeeta Jaitley.



The finance minister has no investment in mutual funds or any other market instruments. He has company deposits of Rs 16 crore in Empro Oils and DCM Shriram Consolidated.



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