Arsenal Star, Theo Walcott, Gets ‘Om Namah Shivaay’ Tattoo Inked On His Back, And Twitterati Have Gone Crazy

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5:01 pm 10 Aug, 2017


Arsenal star footballer, Theo Walcott, has got Om Namah Shivaay inked on his back and has made Twitterati crazy.

Walcott took onto Twitter to post the photograph of his new tattoo. The tattoo pays homage of Shiva, one of the highest gods in Hinduism. “Om Namah Shivaay” translates to salutations to Shiva.

Walcott’s tattoo has definitely made his Indian and Hindu fans happy while some other fans aren’t sure if he is moving to China as they thought it was written in Chinese.

Praising the tattoo.

Someone tried to fix the errors in the tattoo.

One user took the tattoo to Ayodhya

One user thought it was an Islamic tattoo.

Proud to see the tattoo.

As an Indian, I’m very proud to see this! Love you Theo! Om Namah Shivaay 🕉

— Himamshu Srivathsa (@IconicOziI) August 9, 2017

The 2017-18 English Premier League is all set to begin soon and the London club is hoping for a better performance this year. Last year they finished 6th in the league.

We can’t be sure if Arsenal will win this year, but Walcott has surely won the hearts of Indians already!