Arnab Goswami Shamed Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny After He Insulted Two ‘Times Now’ Journalists

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11:23 pm 7 Jun, 2016

My respect for Arnab Goswami multiplied today when he used his ‘Shout-So-That-Others-Can’t-Yell’ move on Ashok Kheny, Karnataka MLA, who misbehaved and abused Times Now Mumbai bureau chief, Megha Prasad.

Last week, Times Now exposed how crores of rupees were being set as benchmark prices for every MLA to get a Rajya Sabha seat and today, when Megha Prasad questioned Kheny’s presence along with 13 MLAs  at a hotel in Mumbai, he called her ‘sali’ and asked police officers to arrest her. The journalist couldn’t take such an insult and demanded a written apology.

Watch the video to see Arnab disgrace the MLA and stand for woman power.



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