Tehelka Journalist Offers Arnab Goswami Intern Job So He Can Learn ‘Ethics’ Of Journalism

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1:31 pm 27 May, 2016


Following an outrage on social media over how Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami called a Muslim journalist an ISIS sympathiser, Tehelka journalist Anurag Tripathi, took to Facebook to not only condemn Goswami for his unethical behaviour but also offer him job of an ‘intern’ in Tehelka so he could “learn a few basics” of journalism.


Arnab, had recently humiliated former DNA and Tehelka reporter Asad Ashraf on Live TV on his prime time show the ‘Newshour’ for a debate.

The debate was related to an ISIS video involving alleged Indian recruits who claimed they had fled the Batla House encounter. During the show Goswami allegedly called Ashraf an “ISIS sympathiser” as he didn’t agree with his point of view.

Ashraf had then taken to a blog to express his point and wrote how he was humiliated by Goswami on Live TV.



Former Journalist Asad Ashraf Facebook

Journalist Asad Ashraf. Facebook

Goswami was slammed on social media for his ‘shameless’ behaviour.


Following public outcry, TIMES Now uploaded the video of the debate but have not responded to the criticism so far.




In the past too, Times Now has been criticised for allegedly showing explicit bias towards BJP and for “humiliating” people on live TV when they speak against them.



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