Hilarious Tweets Flooded Twitter And Made #PMSpeaksToArnab Trend When Modi Came On Times Now

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:55 pm

A lot of allegations have been made against the Modi-led government in the last two years. On the completion of these two years, Vikas Parv is going on. PM Modi has now decided to talk to the media to reach out to the people and clear his government’s image. Also, he needs to give answers to the opposition parties who time and again call his government’s achievements fake!



PM Modi gave his first interview to a private news channel, Times Now. He came on Arnab Goswami’s  program ‘Frankly Speaking’. Well, the interview went really well and was historic. As usual, Twitter became a ground for its discussion and led to #PMSpeaksToArnab.

Here are some hilarious tweets in which people just let their humor blast while talking about our PM’s interview!


Poor Sardesai!


Some were expecting a Nayak sequel.


Sardesai’s reaction after seeing this interview.


PM is giving interview. Kejriwal has nothing to do.


Modi came on TV to attack me.


Reaction of famous journalists.


Voice of Nation talking to Nation Wants to Know!


During tea break…


Greatest discovery.