Following Threats From Pakistani Terror Outfits, Arnab Goswami Gets Y-Category Security

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9:25 am 17 Oct, 2016


Pakistani terror outfits have threatened Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of news channel Times Now, as a result of which he will now get ‘Y’ category security cover by the government.

‘Y’ category cover means 20 guards will now protect him round-the-clock, and this includes two personal security officers for close proximity security.



According to IB officials, Goswami’s comments against terrorist groups on Times Now have invited their wrath.

Under the existing rules, the state provides security to individuals under four categories namely Z-plus, Z, Y and X. In ‘Z Plus’ category, a person gets 40 guards with two escort vehicles; ‘Z’ category person gets 30 guards with one escort vehicle; ‘Y’ category gets 20 guards; and ‘X’ category person gets four guards.

Goswami has received the security cover under threat-based category. This was provided to him on the basis of a threat-perception analysis by the Intelligence Bureau (IB).



Since he is based in Mumbai, he’ll get it from Maharashtra police.

Goswami has come under terror radar due to his nationalistic stance during his primetime shows. He has been severely critical of Pakistan for its support to the terror groups.




As per a list prepared by the government, Y-category security is provided to around 450 people. Out of them, 125 are getting it because of the constitutional post held by them, the remaining 275 are being protected due to the threats they have received.


Media pundits say Goswami’s incessant campaign against Dr Zakir Naik and regular debates on Triple Talaq, Uniform Civil Code has also annoyed a certain section of Muslim community. Moreover, Arnab showing the mirror to the left-leaning commentators has also not gone well and they have accused him of breaching journalistic codes without offending his core viewership.

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