Arnab Goswami Looks Like Ritesh Deshmukh! See It To Believe It

10:06 pm 4 May, 2017


In our last post about doppelgangers, we wrote about the look-alike of Lasith Malinga, who created buzz at a recent IPL match. And we also told you to keep hope about emergence of more lookalikes. This time the lookalikes are exactly not very much similar, their appearance makes them look more or less like two different versions of a person.

Arnab Goswami and Ritesh Deshmukh are those two people we are talking about. A latest picture has created buzz over the social media, especially when a Pakistani journalist is involved.

Look at this picture carefully!


Man behind the golden dialogue “The nation wants to know”, host of popular prime-time show ‘The Newshour’. After he left Times Now, he became more famous and created noise about launching his own venture ‘Republic TV’.

However, something different is what we saw on Twitter today!

We all know Ritesh Deshmukh too!

We know that Arnab-Ritesh certainly do not resemble, though there is a slight indication of some similarities, peculiarly due to the ‘GLASSES’. Confused by this similarity, Ahmer Naqvi, a journalist from the other side of the Indian border, posted a tweet saying –


Without being offended, Ritesh Deshmukh came to his own rescue and try to incorporate a punch of humor by quoting –

Later, the journalist tried to correct his mistake, though didn’t leave an opportunity to curse Arnab in his own style –


What followed next was a series of hate and witty tweets for Arnab


After much fiasco, we hope Arnab must have been happy to know that finally someone somewhere relates to him, not by the means of opinions, but by resemblance.

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