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Arnab Goswami Finally Revealed His Grand Plan And It Has Shaken The World Of Journalism

Published on 5 November, 2016 at 9:42 pm By

Arnab Goswami’s resignation from Times Now was an earth-shattering event. His resignation spawned jokes, memes, spoofs and gifs of the most hilarious kind to the most stupid. Most of them were centred on what Arnab will do in future.


In videos that surfaced following his resignation, Goswami is heard praising the independent media in his farewell talk with his staff.

But what exactly did the renowned journalist mean? That was the million dollar question…until tonight.

At the ongoing India Ideas Conclave 2016 at Goa, Arnab Goswami finally revealed what he plans to do in the future. His idea, though appears simple, is a force that can change the way journalism is practiced in India.

He started with a dig at himself – the manner he handled the panellists on his brilliant show The Newshour.

(What he said at the conclave was live tweeted by journalists and political commentators.)


And then he gets serious. Arnab wastes no time in coming straight to striking at the kind of journalism we are subjected to in this country.



And since the journalists with the “status quo” mostly reside in the national capital, Arnab plans to shift the centre of operations itself to help journalism become more independent.


Arnab then hits at the self-proclaimed defenders of the society – the so-called Liberals from the Left:


Then Goswami declares an open war against some journalists, who he believes have taken journalism hostage by co-opting.

Veteran journalist Barkha Dutt had on November 4 written a vitriolic article against Arnab Goswami and his style of journalism. She called him “a classic bully” and accused him of “censorship” trying to “distort the truth”.


It should be noted that since the start of 2016, when the Pathankot terror attack happened, Goswami has been one of the rare few journalists who have refrained from taking a ‘balanced’ view on the relationship between India and Pakistan.

He has unpretentiously bashed every Pakistani sympathiser on his show while strongly standing behind the Indian Army and every nationalist as long as they were right.


Goswami then elaborates on his idea of independent media.



It is indeed commendable for the most recognised face in English television journalism to root for independent media. During his speech, Arnab also hinted that the media venture he is planning will cater to smartphone users, which means that his target is an ever growing number of the new age, Internet-savvy consumer.

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