Here’s How Arnab Goswami Responded After Receiving Legal Threat For Using ‘Nation Wants To Know’

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1:10 pm 18 Apr, 2017

Say “Nation Wants To Know” and you know who man behind the famous phrase is. Of course, this man:



But that man, Arnab Goswami, posted this video from his soon-to-be launched venture’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Goswami claims that he has been served a legal notice threatening him with imprisonment if he uses the phrase.



This is what he is heard saying in the video:

“A media group has sent me a six-page letter threatening me with imprisonment if I ever use the phrase ‘Nation wants to know’. They say that they own the phrase, ‘nation wants to know’.

I have watched the nervous antics of this media group with amusement and horror for the last few months. Today, I am replying to them in public. To them I say: The threat of imprisonment will not deter me. Bring your money bags and your lawyers. File the criminal case against me for using the phrase ‘nation wants to know’. Do everything you can. Spend all the money you have. Arrest me. I am waiting right now, in my studio floor (sic). Come and force your threat. The phrase ‘nation wants to know’ belongs to you, me and to all of us. To every citizen of this country.”

He says, “I have used this phrase with pride over the years in my reporting and on debates for the last 20 years. And I am deeply indebted to every one of you. Every Indian has a right to use that phrase. And this phrase comes from the heart. Every Indian, through his or her questioning spirit, can use the phrase, ‘nation wants to know’.”

Goswami claims that his team members have been harassed and that some of them have been threatened with “untoward action”.

According to reports, the media group Goswami is referring to appears to be his former employer Times Group.


This report quotes a Times Network official stating: “ARG Outliers had filed for trademark for these and similar phrases which were already filed for and extensively used for years by Times Now. We have responded with a standard caution notice. He (Arnab) is just trying to gain soundbytes from it.”

Goswami’s rift with Times Group came to the fore in an interview he gave to ‘Man’s World’. He reportedly said:

“I don’t believe in journalism in which a film director can call up a media proprietor and then shivers go down the spine of the media proprietor. I have taken on a lot of people in this country. I have broken a lot of scams. I have taken on powerful people and terrorist groups. And I feel truly sad when some film director calls up a media proprietor and says, ‘Why is this channel asking questions about me, and about why Pakistani artists are acting in my film?’ and the media proprietor gets scared. That’s very unfortunate.”

Twitterati expressed their support for Arnab, including Barkha Dutt:


Where do you stand? With Arnab or with those who want to own the phrase.


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