This Is Arnab Goswami’s Badass Answer To Everyone Who Trolled Him For Interviewing PM Modi

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

The nation saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking to Times Now editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami in an epic interview on June 27. Modi spoke at length on a wide range of issues ranging from defence to economics to conduct of the men of his own party.

It was for the first time that an Indian Prime Minister granted an exclusive interview to a private news channel while in office. So, obviously, some of Goswami’s peers and nearly all of his (and Modi’s) critics were rattled.

All they could do was troll him, and troll they did.

There were more but that is not important at all. Anyway, Goswami has now reacted to the trolls. In an article published by BusinessWorld, Goswami destroyed the ‘Lutyens journalists’ and everyone who tried to take a pot shot at him.

He began by presenting core facts supporting the truth that the interview produced a phenomenal traction on social media “with about 1.4 billion impressions on twitter, about over a million video views and 10.2 million impressions on Facebook, trending globally for 8 hours on Twitter”.

Goswami pointed out that the Prime Minister was asked everything that was important.

“After all, from NSG to China, Pakistan to Rajan, Swamy to inflation, 2019 to Uttar Pradesh and the politics of polarisation, rising unemployment to the parliament logjam, the possible passage of GST to the numbers in the Rajya Sabha, black money and the Rs 15 lakh in every bank account promise, the interview had covered it all,” he wrote.


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And recalling that a particular journalist – a former news anchor – had written a tweet asking why Modi granted an interview to him and not call a press conference, Goswami hit back saying, “Across the world, the first exclusive interviews are given to anchors and channels who command viewership. Not to those who nobody watches. Period.”

To those who questioned his surprisingly “soft” tone while speaking to the PM, Goswami had this to say:

First, I used the same tone with Rahul Gandhi. If this industry is disappointed with how he let them down, its not my problem.

Second, ‘Frankly Speaking’ is an interview and ‘The Newshour’ is a debate, both are therefore different styles and formats.

And finally, “Mr Prime Minister” is the most appropriate reference point when you are speaking to the Prime Minister.


He concluded with this:




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