An Indian Army Officer Was Beaten In Bengaluru And Taunted For Being A “North Indian”

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5:30 pm 31 Jul, 2016


A 33-year-old Army Major was assaulted by a group of unknown people in Bengaluru on July 29.

According to reports, the incident took place near SCT Institute of Technology in Kaggadasapura, when an auto enraged by traffic jam, started accusing the victim of not knowing how to drive.

According to eye witness Murali Kartik, the auto driver then went on to attack the army officer without any provocation.


The victim, who doesn’t wish to be identified, has been posted in Karnataka since 2014 but knows very little Kannada.

He was brutally beaten by spanners and was bleeding profusely when Kartik came to his rescue.

He on July 30 filed a complaint with the Baiyappanahalli police under section 324 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


During the attack, the victim had sustained injuries on his forehead and was rushed to a nearby hospital by Kartik.

The Army major in his complaint said that he was assaulted for “being a North Indian” whom they accused did not know how to drive.

According to Kartik, “the major was innocent and the auto driver picked a fight for no reason.”

He then went on to add:

victim poster

Kartik, then came to the officers rescue and later even took him to a nearby hospital.

According to victim’s friend, who is also an army officer, the attackers were enraged by the number plate of the victim’s car that bore a Haryana registration number.

He went on to add that army officers across the country have always been vulnerable to such attacks, since their car registration number is an indication that they are not a native of the place.

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