Arming Dalits Could Have Been A Good Option To Beat Foreign Invasion: RSS

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11:50 am 13 Apr, 2016

The latest edition of RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ has said that Dr Ambedkar was of the view that foreign/Muslim invasions in India succeeded largely because Dalits were unarmed.

“If Dalits would not have been deprived of weapons, this nation would not have been ruled by foreigners,” the weekly quoted Ambedkar as saying.

A screen grab of the article organiser

A screen grab of the article organiser

The 125th birth anniversary of Dr Bhimrao R Ambedkar will take place on April 14 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi scheduled to address a rally. To mark his 125th birth anniversary, the Centre along with the state governments and the panchyat bodies will organise `Gram Swraj Abhiyaan’ from April 14 to April 24.

The story in the Organiser talks about the Dalit icon’s contributions to Indian society and his fight for the underprivileged sections.

It said that Dr Ambedkar through his efforts, gave new dynamics of socio-economic content to democracy and nationalism in India.

Dr Ambedkar socialistfactor

Dr Ambedkar socialistfactor

The RSS mouthpiece also took exception to the Left and a few Muslim bodies identifying themselves with Ambedkar. It said a “sinister” attempt was being made by the people who were responsible for partition to forge an alliance.


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