Justin Bieber Fans Call Arjun Tendulkar ‘Desi Bieber’, Say Rope Him In To Lip Sync

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9:29 am 12 May, 2017

Many Justin Bieber fans were left disappointed with the Canadian star’s maiden concert in India as he lip-synced many of his known songs.


But even as Twitterati started trolling Bieber for the same, there was one star kid-cum-cricketer, who also got dragged into this joke – Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar.



17-year old Arjun, who attended Bieber’s concert on crutches, was once again trolled for being Justin Bieber’s look-alike, with many calling him “Desi Justin Bieber”.


By the end of the concert, many fans even started suggesting that next time, organizers should just rope in Arjun Tendulkar for Justin’s concert and ask him to lip-sync as that would be much more affordable.





Justin, who performed in Mumbai on May 10, was also supposed to visit Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra before heading out for his next tour destination.

But according to news reports, not only did he not follow the plan, but also might have already left India, that too in the wee hours of May 11 (hours after his concert), without informing anyone of the Indian organizers.

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