Arjun Kapoor Is Trying Hard To Make Peace With Salman Khan After Rumors Of His Affair With Malaika!

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12:52 pm 14 Apr, 2018


Salman Khan has been media’s highlight for the last two weeks for his conviction and arrest in the blackbuck poaching case. Most of the film entertainment industry celebs stood up with Salman Khan and condemned his punishment. Bollywood’s Bhai got a bail on April 7 after spending two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail and giving up a number of luxuries.




It looks like the Bhai is back in action again and that too in full swing. The latest reports surrounding Salman Khan have it that a cold relationship has kicked off between him and Arjun Kapoor because of latter’s closeness with Malaika Arora.



It is almost a year that Malaika and Arbaaz got divorced, ending their 18-year-old marriage. Even before the two got divorced, reports of Malaika’s closeness with Arjun Kapoor had been doing rounds in the media and it was speculated that their relationship was the reason behind Malaika and Arbaaz’s divorce. However, the two neither commented on it nor confirmed it.




In fact, a few months after her divorce, Malaika revealed that it was an emotionally difficult moment for her and that she was single after her divorce. A few months ago, rumors had it that Arjun and Malaika had decided to part ways. But media never stopped speculating Malaika and Arjun’s relationship.



Fresh reports in the matter have it that Arjun’s proximity to Arbaaz’s ex-wife Malaika has offended Salman Khan deeply. Arjun Kapoor is a die-hard fan of Salman Khan and has learnt everything from him. And when Salman Khan was convicted, Arjun was constantly in touch with Bhai’s sisters Arpita Khan Sharma and Alvira Agnihotri asking about Salman’s status.



But Salman on the other hand, has reportedly been telling filmmakers to not give work to Arjun Kapoor. And filmmakers have hence been avoiding Arjun Kapoor as they did not want to offend Bhai. Even Boney Kapoor who is Salman’s close friend had advised Arjun to stay away from Malaika as it was affecting his friendship.



Now Arjun’s attempt to connect with Salman after his conviction could be his effort towards a patch-up with him. But Salman hasn’t yet responded to Arjun’s concern! Everyone in the industry and outside knows how powerful Salman is and how many careers have been ruined for messing up with him!