Arjun Gave An Epic Response When Someone Pointed Out His Spelling Mistake On Twitter

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6:57 pm 16 Sep, 2016

Bollywood stars are no perfect beings, they are also humans. They too unknowingly can commit mistakes. But the difference is, their mistakes are highlighted and ridiculed publicly because they are always in the limelight.

The same thing happened with Arjun Kapoor when he shared a tweet, congratulating Karan Johar for his new sufi track ‘Bulleya’. But in haste, he spelled “sneak peek” wrongly:

Mayank Shekhar, a film critic who works at ‘Mid-day’, pointed out the error:

He indirectly mentioned himself as the Twitter handle who corrects those who spell wrong. Quite smart!

For some, it is not actually Arjun’s fault:

Well, this person understood the catch:


To shut down the troll, Arjun gave a spot on reply:



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