Arjun Kapoor Is Flying To Toronto And Bae iiSuperwomanii Is Getting All Dressed Up

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7:41 pm 2 Jun, 2016


Remember the last time Lilly Singh a.k.a iiSuperwomanii was in Mumbai?

Her picture with Arjun Kapoor was proof enough that our two favorites together in one frame can give us all kind of mushy feels.


And now, it’s time for Arjun Baba to fly to meet our forever bae Lilly in her hometown Toronto, aka sadda Kaneda! 

WARNING – The following Twitter conversation can make you feel bad about your life. Proceed at your own risk. 



It all started with that damn hot selfie Arjun shared post a basketball session.


And if you’re a true fan of iiSuperwomanii, you’d know she’s got Raptors in her blood.


So, naturally, our boy got pretty impressed!


But then it seems like our boy got way too impressed.

Look at what he said! *fuming*


I don’t even know what should be making me more jealous.

Arjun Kapoor is going to meet Lilly? Or Lilly going on a date with Arjun?

arjun lilly(FB)


In fact, it seems like their stars have been running in synchronicity too.

A day back, both were apparently appalled about this year winding up too fast.


Is that just a coincidence? I doubt.

You both make me go like:


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