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This Is How Arjun Kapoor Ditched Shraddha To Be With His Real Half Girlfriend Ranveer

Updated on 18 May, 2017 at 12:50 pm By

Ranveer and Arjun’s camaraderie is known to all. In fact, their friendship is like true love. They don’t want anyone to come in between them. Had Deepika been not there, they would have possibly dated each other.


We saw their bindaas yaari, and unabashed love for each other during ‘Gunday’ promotions, and now they are back to their old lovey-dovey moments. As Arjun’s ‘Half Girlfriend’ is slated to release this Friday, Ranveer is doing his wacky acts to show that only he deserves to be Arjun’s half girlfriend, not that kalmoohi Shraddha.

Here is what Ranveer does best:




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