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Arijit Singh Married A Woman Who Already Had A Son, Proved That Love Is Unconditional

Updated on 29 November, 2018 at 1:37 pm By


Singer Arijit Singh is famous for his melodious and soulful songs. The star started his singing journey after participating in ‘fame Gurukul’ and became a runner-up of the show.  He later got featured in the show ’10 ke 10 le gye dil’ and came out as the winner. The singer ruled the industry after winning our hearts with Aashiqui 2 songs and became the modern day singing icon of India.


Arijit has also been quite vocal about his personal life. He often expresses his love for his wife and talks about the fact that he has the best wife ever. Only a few know that Arijit has been married twice. The singer first tied the knot with one of his co-contestants on the show. However, there was no official confirmation about the reason behind their divorce.

Arijit then decided to marry his childhood friend Koel Roy in 2014. Arijit has time and again shared about the care Koel shows for him and how she has supported him always.


The singer did not just accept her but also accepted her son she had from her first marriage. After having a failed marriage both of them found love in each other and accepted each other showing the world that love is unconditional.

Now, we know from where Arijit put so much soul into his singing. It’s Koel’s love that Arijit’s singing reflects. Do you also believe that love is unconditional? Do share your views in the comments section below.


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