Salman Khan Removing Arijit Singh’s Song From ‘Sultan’ Is Not Justified

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7:56 pm 27 May, 2016


Last Tuesday, Arijit Singh shocked us with his strange Facebook post, desperately begging for Salman Khan’s forgiveness. He wrote:

“Dear Mr Salman Khan This is the last way I thought I would speak to you. I have been trying to text you call you and do everything possible to tell you that you are mistaken about the fact that I insulted you. I never did. That night in the show It was the wrong time and wrong aura. Nevertheless you felt insulted. And I understood and I felt extremely sorry about it as me and my family have been your fan since long. Please do not remove the song that I sang for you in Sultan”.


But Salman didn’t reply to his Facebook post nor gave any official statement regarding the incident.




Their equation had become sour when at an award function Arijit questioned Salman’s entertaining ability.


Now, the song earlier sung by Arijit for ‘Sultan’ will be heard in Salman’s voice.



Is this justified?

If at all Salman is upset after Arijit’s remark, then I guess his apology is sufficient to end the animosity. Stardom should not stop talent, hence, I believe taking his song out is not the right way to take revenge; it announces the arrogance that star power owns.



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