These Memes Inspired By Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Are Hilarious And Breaking The Internet

6:40 pm 8 Nov, 2018


Ariana Grande’s latest song has taken the Internet by storm. The song is a breakup anthem titled “Thank you, next” and the pop star released the single just before her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, made a joke in a promo of a show about failed relationships.

As the song continued to rise up the charts, the lines from the song gave rise to  memes and have become a viral trend.



Twitterati quickly turned three lines from the song that goes — “one taught me love/one taught me patience/and one taught me pain” — into a viral meme. Now, even Indians have started using it and some of the memes are damn hilarious.



The one for cricketer Rohit Sharma.



Of course, the currency!



The cricket legends!





When the memes flooded Twitter, Grande shared her own version of the meme too.



Do you have your own version of the line?

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