Are You A Concerned Citizen Of India?

7:40 am 23 Jun, 2014


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Bow your head in shame.


[message start=”3″ end=”4″]

We wish you luck with your mindlessness.


[message start=”5″ end=”6″]

If ignorance is bliss, you’re the happiest person.


[message start=”7″ end=”8″]

Go and settle on Mars, you less responsible citizen!


[message start=”9″ end=”10″]

You’re just neutral about citizen responsibilities.


[message start=”11″ end=”12″]

You can make a change even if you are not highly concerned.


[message start=”13″ end=”14″]

Not an ideal citizen you are, but you can be one.


[message start=”15″ end=”16″]

You practice your responsibilities in a balanced way.


[message start=”17″ end=”18″]

Your’e better than folks around you. Keep your head up!


[message start=”19″ end=”20″]

Bravo! Your country is proud of you.


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