Kanwarani Archana Singh Of Badnore Supports Padmavati, Says Rajputs Would Hug Bhansali After Seeing The Movie

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1:40 pm 27 Nov, 2017


Kanwarani Archana Singh, who belongs to an erstwhile royal Rajput family, has come out in support of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Padmavati.

She termed the protest to the movie as ‘nonsense’ and urged to put an end this ‘intolerance.’ According to her it would be appropriate for everyone to see the film first and then react.

(On left) Kanwarani Archana Singh, who belongs to an erstwhile royal Rajput family jagran

Singh said that a production boy (who worked with Bhansali) had told her that there was not a single shot in the movie that is debatable. She added that the boy had told her that after seeing the movie, the Rajputs would hug Bhansali.

Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali dailyexcelsior

She also denied the existence of a dream sequence of Rani Padmavati sharing screen space with Alauddin Khilji.


Meanwhile, the protest against the movie has divided the royal families of Rajasthan, with some even demanding they be shown it first before the Censor Board. As per some members of the Bundi royal family, such vandalism and threats of physical harm is not Rajput culture. They asked everyone to first see the movie and then decide.

At the same time, the movie has upset a direct descendant of the Mewar royal family, Baijiraj Trivikrama Kumari Jamwal, daughter of Mahendra Singh Mewar, the 76th Maharana of the Mewar dynasty. She called it an inauthentic venture and said that it’s unfair on Bhansali’s part to play with the sentiments of her family name.


Heena Singh Judeo, daughter-in-law of Dilip Singh Judeo of Chhattisgarh’s former royal family, said the Rajput queens have never ever danced in front of anyone, so the Ghoomar song is inappropriate. The princess of Jaipur royal family, Diya Kumari, who is also a BJP MLA from Sawai Madhopur, has said that the Mewar royal family was not consulted before the movie was made.

The movie Padmavati has been mired in one controversy after other controversy ever since the shoot of the movie started. While the film has not even been certified as yet, everyone has an opinion on the film. The movie has received threats from political and fringe groups, who want it to be banned because of distorting historical facts and showing Rani Padmini in a bad light.


The story of Padmavati is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s epic poem Padmavat, but the real story of Rani Padmini remains a mystery.


Amid raging protests, the Indian Films and TV Directors’ Association (IFTDA), along with 20 other bodies of the film and television industry, are now planning a 15-minute blackout in support of the film and “to protect the right to freedom of expression of creative individuals”.

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