Dare To Play Pranks? Try These 9 April Fool’s Day Ideas And Leave People Surprised

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2:00 pm 1 Apr, 2016


As April Fools Day is here, everyone has the permission to play pranks on people. Well, you can get away with every kind of nuisance because of this silly tradition. We are here with freshly compiled ideas for you to play pranks on others. Do keep a camera ready to capture their weird expressions.

Warning: Try at your own risk. Don’t blame us if you lose your spouse, friend or job!


 1. Toothpaste Oreo Treat.

Replace Oreo biscuit’s cream with toothpaste and offer them to your friends or colleagues. Don’t forget to capture their bewildered faces. Also just be sure about what will happen to you after this prank!




2. Brown Es.

Make people excited by telling them that you are going to offer them brownies. Well, these ‘brown Es’ will surely offend many. Be careful if you are doing this early in the morning.


3. Pretending To Be Present.

God help people in an emergency!



4. Go Loud.

Attach an air horn to the toilet wall right behind where the door opens. Hide somewhere and jump out as soon as the horn blows whenever they open the door. This prank could be dangerous for light-hearted people.



5. Cracked Screen Illusion.

Set a screensaver of a high resolution image of a cracked screen on your colleague’s computer screen and set a timer of 30 seconds. They will be horrified with the after affects. You can also do this at home and blame your sibling. Don’t forget to confess about the prank if someone is about to kill them!



6. Mayo Filled Donuts.

Replace donuts’ curd filling with mayonnaise. No wonder you will be killed.


7. Switch Words.

This works in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

If you’re using Google Docs:

Go to tools → preferences. Replace some of your colleague’s commonly used words with some ‘interesting’ substitutions.

In Microsoft Word:

Go to tools → AutoCorrect options. Do exactly the same thing.

People with scream their lungs out for sure!



8. Keyboard Garden.

Some seeds, a little amount of water and a loo roll is all you need. Make sure you use any old keyboard.



And here is your keyboard garden. Well, make it April Fool month because this won’t happen in just a day.




9. Unworkable Mouse.

Just by sticking a little bit of tape over the laser on the bottom of the mouse, make it stop working. People won’t think to check the bottom. This one is the easiest, try it now. Hurry!



Credit: Mirror