5 Apps Which Can Benefit Students Immensely!

Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 12:28 pm


College life seems like a bed of roses in the beginning. It’s only after some days have passed and work starts to pour in that students realize it bears a close resemblance to the death bed. But thanks to the tech savvy era you live in, you can simplify your life with the help of some awesome apps. From helping you to wake up early in the morning so that you don’t miss out on morning lectures to helping you organize your finances and assignments, these apps will keep your life sorted:



Long recharge bills are part and parcel of college life. Have you ever wished that every time you recharged your phone, you got something good of the same value? If you nodded your head as you read that, then say hello to Freecharge! When you recharge via this app, it rewards you with discount coupons of online retailers of almost the same value. Freecharge has teamed up with some of the biggest online retailers like Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Peter England, KFC, Dominos and many more. Do avail freecharge coupons present on CashKaro to avail great discounts!




Alarmy is one app with which you will have a love-hate relationship. The app will ensure that you get up in the morning every day without fail. You have to set an alarm on this app after which you have to take a picture of a spot. Ensure that this spot is away from your room. That’s because when the alarm goes off in morning, the only way to turn it off is by again taking picture of that very same spot. So, also make sure that the lighting is same. Needless to say, you will have to get out of your bed to switch off the alarm. Wicked cool, right?



Evernote has been voted as one of the best organizing and productivity apps of the previous year. This wonderful app can help you streamline your life in the most effective manner. It will help you perform numerous tasks, such as take care of your expenses, save articles you read online, share presentations with friends, make notes, organize bills, attach files and much more. Once you figure out all the functions of this app, you will be surprised by the several tasks you can do with it.



Are you wondering what another recharge app is doing here? Well, do not dismiss MobiKwik as just another recharge website. It is much more than that. MobiKwik app will act as your virtual wallet and make your life easy.You can put in money in your MobiKwik wallet using your credit card/debit card/net banking and then just use to make payments offline and on various online retailers. You will not need to pull out your credit card each time you have to make a payment online or offline in some shop. Don’t miss out on mobikwik coupons to make maximum savings.



If you have read about the daily habits of successful people, you would know that reading tops on just about everyone’s list. No doubt, reading is of prime importance. You can’t afford to carry various books with you every time you go somewhere but with this app, you will be able to carry your mini library with you. Scribd has rightfully been called the Netflix of books. It has a huge collection of books and you can read them after you have chosen one of their subscription packages.


Hope this list helps you big time!




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