Apple Launches New Series Of iPhone, Twitter Exploded With Hilariously Relatable Memes

2:02 pm 14 Sep, 2018


When Apple’s first ever iPhone was released into the market, it was described as a “revolutionary game-changer” for the mobile phones industry. However, there have been new iterations in the handset over the period of time that have not only received praises from all over the world but have also made Apple one of the most valuable company in the world. Well, to increase its fans’ excitement, Apple recently announced the new series of iPhone in the market and broke the internet.

Taking everyone by surprise, Apple launched not just one but three new iPhones namely, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. While most of the features in the new series of iPhone are major updates over the existing features, the latest iPhones are bringing new processors with them. But one interesting attribute in the new iPhones is that Apple has finally included the dual SIM feature in its product.



Interestingly, iPhone XR is being termed as the most ‘affordable’ iPhone on the list by Apple at a $749 starting price. Apple’s other new iPhones including iPhone XS will be starting at $999 and iPhone XS Max at a price of over $1,099.



Well, the news of the launch of new iPhones spread around like fire and the desi netizens went into a frenzy over the new features of the iPhone. The internet broke into a meme revolution with epic responses from the social media users.

From robbing a bank to selling kidneys, these hilariously relatable memes on Apple’s new series of iPhone are sure to make your day. Have a look:




Calm down, people!



Every middle-class man ever!



Karol Bagh is the best!



Yes! Of course, you don’t!




Where can I sell my kidney?



Hahaha! Indeed!






Why do you do that to me?!



Yes, please!



No comments!



Good job bro!



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