15 Tea Varieties You Might Never Have Heard Of But Should Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime

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Updated on 14 Jul, 2015 at 4:58 pm


Tea is the staple drink of most households in India, so you might be familiar with Black Tea, Green Tea, Cutting Chai, Masala Tea etcetera. but have you ever heard of a Vanilla Tea, Orange Tea, or Raspberry Tea? Be ready for some lip smacking chai:

1. Vanilla Tea

The perfect blend of rich, warm, sugary and creamy flavor of vanilla with a robust black tea forming a classic combination that comes charged with a sweet, beany vanilla fragrance.


2. Orange Tea.


This fruit-flavored tea is made from orange extracts, which gives it a tangy, citric taste and helps to cure sore throats and body aches.


3. Raspberry Tea.

Feeling physically under the weather? Try this refreshing raspberry-flavored tea with a dash of cardamom and honey. This rejuvenates the entire system.


4. Pengaree Tea.

An exquisite variety of the Assam tea family, this tea contains orange extracts. Quite interestingly, it also has a romantic history because it is named after a princess who was kept imprisoned by her father until her lover freed her.


5. Sessa teas.

In India, teas are also named after the region where they are cultivated. This is another variety of the Assam tea family. Once prepared, it looks like golden silk and smells like a garden of flowers.


6. Marigold Tea.

The petals of marigold (genda in Hindi) are added to the tea to boost metabolism and aid in smooth functioning of mind. It is, therefore, delightfully therapeutic in nature.


7. Emerald Green Tea.

This is not the usual Green Tea. The tea leaves used in preparation of this beverage are long and wiry. They come from the Jing Mai village in China. It is known for its taste and lasting aroma. This enchanting infusion can be enjoyed as often as thrice daily.


8. Flower Teas.

Like rose, jasmine, chrysanthemum tea. These preparations are made by binding together floral and tea buds. As the flowers bloom, they are plucked and used to prepare tea.


9. Pearl Tea.

Did you know that tea originally came from China? Chinese emperor Shen Nung discovered it. British were the ones who got it to India. The famous varieties are Pearl Tea and Lapsang Souchong.


10. Indian Herbal Tea.

You must have heard your grandmother making tulsi, banapsha or ashwagandha tea to cure cold? Yes, these are the kinds of herbal tea prepared with ingredients like tulsi, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper.


11. Lavender Tea.

This tea has slightly bitter flavor of lavender, so only those who like their tea differently will enjoy this. Its smell is enchanting.


12. Chamomile Tea.

Chamomile was used originally by Egyptian pharaohs as a sleep inducing herb. This tea is caffeine free and is known for its calming effect.


13. Decaf Spiced Tea.

This tea is free from caffeine and includes Indian spices.


14. Chocolate Tea.

This is for all the choco-holics. Chocolate Tea is dark is colour, probably the darkest colour among teas.


15. Apricot Tea.

It is an exotic tea with a delightful flavor of sweet apricots in every sip you take.


So which tea are you going to try?



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