10 Tips That’ll Make You Look Like You’re The Smartest One In Meetings

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 5:32 pm


1. Draw a line or a graph, even if it means nothing.

That’ll give the impression that you are doing something “big”.

2. Break down percentages into fractions.

You know, just to show off!

3. “Can we take a step back and relook?”

You can ask this when you are unable to come up with something smart.

4. Take notes on a ‘real’ notepad and nod your head at times.


The same thing you did in school to fool your teacher into believing that you are following what is being taught.

5. Repeat technical words uttered by someone else, but slowly.

Again, just to show off, but this will also make others think that you have got a great hold on the subject.

6. Ask this open-ended (and meaningless) question: Will this scale?

Pointless as this may sound, you can ask this to throw around an impression. It actually does impress!

7. Get up and walk around the room looking serious.

8. Interrupt a presenter with a query.

The query should be very simple and not like this…

9. Answer calls as if your life depends on it.

This makes you look ‘highly important’.

10. Self-deprecating humour is always a winner.


Make fun of yourself and everyone will like you.

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