Anushka Sharma Brutally Trolled After Virat Kohli Posted A Video Of Her Scolding A Man For Littering The Streets

5:11 pm 17 Jun, 2018


Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli on June 16 posted a video of wife Anushka Sharma scolding a man for littering the streets. As per the video, it looks like the couple was traveling early in the morning when they saw the man, who was sitting at the back of a car, throwing plastic on the road from the car. The man looks like a well-to-do one as he was traveling in a luxury car.

In the video, Anushka Sharma asked him to stop the car. And when he did, Anushka put her head out of the car and asked the man why he was throwing garbage on the road. She asked him not to throw plastic on the streets and to put them in the dustbin.


Anushka Sharma trolled

Screengrab from the video

While the cricketer must have captured and posted this as a way to support his wife as well as to spread awareness about cleanliness, the video has received a mixed reaction from people on social media.

This is what Virat Kohli posted and wrote on his Twitter account:



However, while the post had many reactions that support and appreciate Anushka for being brave enough to stand up and say what is wrong, there were many who termed the video as a cheap publicity stunt by the cricketer-actress couple.

Here are some of the reactions the tweet garnered:


Virushka, really a publicity stunt?



Making sense?



Dude, you hate them doing that?



Is Anushka Sharma really likes to shout on the road and is disrespecting others?



Oops! By the way, Virushka never do that!



Is it so, Virushka?



Anushka’s mouth turned into a garbage?






So, our skipper made a terrible mistake this time?



What do you say? Have Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli done the right thing? Tell us in comments.