Anurag Kashyap Is Asking You To Choose Pirated DVD’s Or Torrents Over Hotstar

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3:55 pm 7 Apr, 2016

Even while the film fraternity has time and again stood against piracy, torrents have been the story of the real world.

Kriti Sanon, good morning!

Surprisingly, a member of this very fraternity is breaking the ground rules by asking the aam junta to choose torrents or pirated DVDs over watching movies on Hotstar.

And its not just Anurag pressing us to watch it from ‘other’ sources but the writer and director too.

Apart from being ruthlessly censored, the movie has also been compromised in its aspect ratio – meaning the image has been cropped from 1.85:1 to 16:9. In fact, Varun also blamed Siddharth Jain of deleting a Tweet where he claimed to have no say in editing the movie.


Now that the clash between the makers of ‘Masaan’ and Hotstar is turning hot, the audience is getting to witness another popcorn entertainment on Twitter.

Nevertheless, editing the content, especially for digital format, is outright lame. When the movie has been passed by the Censor Board already and been released all over, why now double censor it?

Why do the moral police try to live in a world oblivious to the fact that teenagers all over India do have access to Internet and irrespective of their censorship, they do watch what they want to? 

Get a reality check, please.

Twitterati is enthusiastically suggesting that Kashyap and his team start their own digital platform; like TVF Play or Netflix. Or just opt to go the Netflix way too.

But at the same time there are few others who are raising questions to Anurag.


Well, grab your popcorn because there seems to be a lot more coming!