Anurag Kashyap, Upset With Censor Board, Tweets To Narendra Modi. Twitterati Go Gaga Over It

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5:46 pm 7 Jun, 2016


‘Udta Punjab’ is not able to fly off from the dirty hands of the CBFC (Central Board Of Film Certification), which has withheld the film’s certification, ordering the producers to remove ‘Punjab’ from their title and demanding 89 cuts in total.

Many suspect that there is a hidden political angle involved. Just 9 months away from the Assembly Elections, releasing this film will project Punjab as a drugged state, exploiting the image of the current Punjab government led by Akali Dal in partnership with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).



Anurag Kashyap, producer of ‘Udta Punjab’, was disheartened to see his creative work tarnished by political minds. He voiced his anger on Twitter.


And finally, he did something outrageous by Tweeting to the Prime Minister.


People found his way to get Modi’s attention a bit odd. They gave mixed opinions.

‘Acche din’ are still far away!


But Anurag, I don’t think Modiji has enough time to look into your matter.


Maybe Anurag had a political motive.


Anurag be like: