Anurag Basu FINALLY Responds To Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Irresponsible Director’ Comment

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Updated on 29 Jul, 2017 at 6:35 pm


‘Jagga Jasoos’ has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From Govinda’s rant about his deleted special appearance in the movie to Rishi Kapoor taking a stand for him and bashing the director of the film, this controversy has now started giving competition to Kangana and Karan’s nepotism war.

Govinda thanked Rishi Kapoor for taking a stand for him.


Govinda even thanked Rishi Kapoor and unveiled the double standards of the industry. Now, the much-awaited response is FINALLY here. Anurag Basu, the director of the film ‘Jagga Jasoos’, has finally broken his silence and responded to Rishi Kapoor calling him an “irresponsible director”.

‘Jagga Jasoos’ director, Anurag Basu.



Speaking about the controversy, Anurag Basu said,

I want to avoid making any comments against a senior who also happens to be my friend’s dad.

While people are giving mixed responses to the film ‘Jagga Jasoos’, the movie’s co-producer, Bimal Parekh is proud to be associated with the film.

What Mr. Kapoor has to say about Anurag Basu is his opinion. He is entitled to it. We’ve received extremely polarized views on Jagga  Jasoos. Many have loved it, but just as many have hated it. I don’t know how much losses the film will run into, but I am proud to be associated with it.

According to a source, people who are associated with ‘Jagga Jasoos’ knew this was coming. The source who is related to the cast of the film thinks that Rishi Kapoor would not be singing the same tune if the film was a success.

We knew it was coming. Rishi Kapoor had been ranting against Anurag to anyone who was remotely connected with Jagga Jasoos. He had even threatened to beat up Anurag if he ever showed his face to him. He thinks today Anurag is an ‘irresponsible director’. I am sure he would have seemed like a responsible director had Jagga Jasoos been a hit


The source added,

Recently, Rishi was venting against Shakun Batra for his working style in Kapoor & Sons. But the minute the audience accepted the film Rishi changed his tune. Sadly, Rishi has also brought in Ekta Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan and Govinda to argue his case against Anurag.


Many reports also suggest that even Ranbir is also not happy with his father’s reaction,

Ranbir was not wanting another controversy and not when the film has failed to perform at the box office. His father’s comments will only bring more focus on the film’s failure. This episode might cause more damage to their already strained relationship.

This has become a never ending war where everyone wants to talk about everything that went wrong with ‘Jagga Jasoos’. Now, when Anurag Basu has finally opened up on the controversy, we hope this will end here.



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