After Her Resignation, Karnataka Police Officer Anupama Shenoy Creates A Stir

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12:46 am 9 Jun, 2016


Karnataka’s cop Anupama Shenoy, who was transferred for putting a minister’s call on hold earlier this year, resigned from her post on June 4.

She posted a message– “Resigned and Jobless”– on Facebook which created a stir. Police sources said she resigned over personal reasons.

However, The Hindu reported that the prior to her resignation, she had arrested some people in connection with the construction of the controversial building coming up adjacent to Ambedkar Bhavan. The arrest was made following complaints lodged by Dalit organisations that the building would block the approach road to Ambedkar Bhavan. Opposing her move, a group of people staged protest against her , after which she resigned.




After the resignation, the Kudligi Deputy Superintendent of Police targeted Minister of State for Labour P.T. Parameshwar Naik through her Facebook posts.

She dared the minister on Facebook to resign. Then she threatened to expose him if he doesn’t resign. Her post read:

CD Beke?… Audio Beke?… ” (Do you want a CD or a audio tape?) with a hashtag #ParameshiPremaPrasanga.”


Over the past three days, she has criticised the  government in a satirical tone. She had described chief minister Siddaramaiah’s government as ‘Rum Rajya’.


The Chief Minister said he had heard about the resignation, but was unaware of the details. “The officers are looking into that. I don’t know about it. She has sent her resignation, they say. It has come to the DG – they will look into it,” Siddaramaiah added.