Anupam Kher Tried Making Fun Of Dr. Manmohan Singh And Twitteratis Thrashed Him Brutally

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12:19 pm 25 Nov, 2016

India’s former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, finally spoke about demonetization in Rajya Sabha. A renowned economist, 2-time Prime Minister, former Finance Minister, and RBI governor, Manmohan Singh’s views on the matter come from years of experience and. therefore, warrant our attention.


Dr. Manmohan Singh openly explained the side effects of demonetization and called it an “organized loot” and “monumental mismanagement”. He also made a valid point that the GDP of our country will drastically decline and this will have severe effects on our economy.

Even after making so much sense, Dr. Manmohan Singh got brutally trolled by Modi bhakts. One of them was Anupam Kher who tried making fun of Dr. Manmohan Singh.



Take a look at his tweet…


To our surprise, the replies to Anupam Kher’s tweet were way different from our expectations. There is no doubt that common people are facing a lot of problems after demonetization. Whosoever is speaking against it is being referred as anti-nationalist or black money holder.

This made people take Manmohan Singh’s side and thrashed Anupam Kher for making an attempt to troll the former Prime Minister. Take a look at some tweets…

Do you agree with Dr. Manmohan Singh? Do you think demonetization has its side effects as well? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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