Anup Jalota Hikes Fees Due To Rising Popularity, Thanks To His Controversial Bigg Boss Stint

8:15 pm 5 Oct, 2018


Indian Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota is now a household name. Though he was immensely popular even before he became a contestant on reality show ‘Bigg Boss Season 12’, the show gave him a different kind of hype. When Anup Jalota entered the house, people were shocked. Jalota declared his admiration and love for the 28-year-old Punjabi singer-actress Jasleen Matharu and since then he has remained in the headlines. Both Jasleen and Anup have made the audience go gaga over them. Where on one hand fans are supporting them, others are just mocking their relationship due to the age gap between them.

Before entering the house, Jasleen confirmed that they have been in a relationship for the last three years and also confessed that her parents were not aware of the same. This news was one of its kind. People started talking about the couple, however, let us tell you that there is something more than the mockery and the memes in the Anup Jalota-Jasleen controversy.




As per a media report, Anup Jalota is now in demand for concerts and shows and has even hiked his fees.

“He has always been a very popular singer but after ‘Bigg Boss’, the request for concerts have shot up considerably. The increase in numbers is quite significant.”


The source also mentioned:

“Yes, we are getting many queries. People are also ready to offer more fees to get him for shows.”



Let us tell you that Anup Jalota used to take Rs 7-8 lakh per concert but now his show fee has shot up to Rs 12 lakh and more. It is quite clear that ‘Bigg Boss’ has helped Jalota in his professional career.




It has also been rumored that the Bhajan Samrat could be performing in California on October 27. This also hints towards his possible exit from the house soon.