A 65-Year-Old Dating A 28-Year-Old? Netizens Are Furious With Vichitra Jodi Of Anup Jalota And Jasleen!

3:34 pm 17 Sep, 2018


On September 16, most of us must have been glued to our television screen, as one by one Salman Khan introduced the contestants in Bigg Boss 12. The fabulous episode saw some awesome contestants. From the celebrities to the commoner jodis, everything about Bigg Boss 12 can raise some adrenaline! While we saw some stunning vichitra jodis, there was one pair which grabbed some more eyeballs. I am talking about Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu!

For those who don’t know, Anup is a celebrated name in the world of devotional singing and Jasleen is a singer and a dancer. And what we are about to tell you will leave you wondering!




Apparently, Anup Jalota (65) and Jasleen Matharu (28) are dating. The actor-cum-singer is 37 years younger than Anup. Can you believe it? The guru-shishya duo is certainly qualified to be a vichitra jodi. 



But like always, there’s more than what meets the eye! Did you know Anup Jalota has already married thrice? And the kind of profession he comes from, don’t you think it’s super awkward to date someone who is 37 years younger than you. I was like “please!” He even has a son with his third wife Medha Gujral who passed away in 2014. In yesterday’s episode, the couple was anything but shy. It “seemed” that they are head over heels in love, but boss! It’s Bigg Boss!




Now see what the netizens had to say regarding Anup Jalota and Jasleen:






































So, here’s the thing, even I was shocked when I came to know about the relationship part. As far as my knowledge of the show goes, this age gap will eventually spark a lot of controversies in the Bigg Boss house. Also given how things change with each passing second in the Bigg Boss house, it will be interesting to see how both of them will cope! Is their togetherness genuine or for TRP? What do you think?

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