Anu Jain, A Painter/Photographer With No Arms And Legs: Surely An Inspiration

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1:46 pm 26 May, 2016


Nothing can stop creativity . You just need a creative mind and determination. Anu Jain is one such person, whom nothing can stop, not even her physical condition. When you will see Anu, you won’t believe the art works that’s hers.



Born with no legs, and arms that end at the elbows, Anu doesn’t believe herself to be “disabled”. She’s done more with her life than most able-bodied people do.




32 year-old Anu Jain is a a painter, photographer, and a design artist. She has already cleared Chitra Bhaskar Part-II from Prachin Kala Kendra, Chandigarh.



In an interview with The Times of India, Anu said that her family is her biggest strength. Her older sister, younger brother, and parents have always been supportive.

One day, my mother gave me a brush and paint and asked me to draw on white canvas. I gradually felt interested and explored (further). I was home trained. My paintings are reflections of my thoughts. Most of my paintings have flowers, birds, the sunset and sunrise. No flower is dull in my work, they are bright and cheerful. Pink is the colour of hope, love and happiness and you can see many pink flowers in my work. All that art requires is focus and patience.



Anu grew up in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and recently moved to Bengaluru after her father’s retirement. She is where she is today because of her own talent and skills. On her website, Anu talks about her interests:

I enjoy painting using a variety of media – water colours, acrylic, fabric, glass, poster, oil-pastel, pencil and charcoal. Apart from painting, I love playing the synthesiser, which I am learning, photography and making handicrafts. Designing on terracotta pots and clay is also something that I am quite passionate about. Sometimes I write about the world or life in general and express my feelings in the form of poems and short compositions.



She has showcased her work in many exhibitions. The last one was  at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru, with support from the Infosys Foundation. Her skills can’t be neglected, all she needs is a platform.




Know more about her here.

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