Widespread Use Of Antibiotics In Poultry Farms Is Increasing The Risk Of Infection In Humans

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3:00 pm 4 Sep, 2017


The majority of poultry farmers nowadays use antibiotics without any restrictions to protect poultry from infections and to increase their weight. This is leading to a widespread growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria which is becoming a huge threat to the environment and public health. Moreover, this bacteria cannot be treated medically making it even more dangerous.

Center for Science and Environment’s (CSE) sample survey ‘Antibiotic Resistance In Poultry Environment’ has revealed some startling facts. Researcher Amit Khurana has revealed that the content of Antibiotic Resistant (ABR) found in the poultry is high. The poultry farm waste used for making manure is also spreading the drug resistant bacteria.

Widespread use of antibiotics is posing risks to environment and human health Pinterest


Giving antibiotics to poultry leads to the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria in poultry farm’s waste. This can reach the population through consumption of chicken, and through food grown with manure made by poultry farm waste. It can also adversely affect human health and the environment through contact with farm workers, contamination by flies, underground water, and waste comprising dead poultry. According to the survey report, the use of antibiotics to increase the weight of poultry is leading to a reduced immunity among humans.


The CSE team procured 47 samples from 9 districts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Out of these, 35 samples were obtained from poultry farms and 12 from the places or farms where poultry farm waste was used. In all the samples, levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria found were higher than normal.

The lab report tested 47 samples under 13 categories for 16 antibiotics. The samples contained 10 such antibiotics that the WHO has held as critically important in the treatment of humans. Two of the three bacteria that have been found in excess in the samples are known to cause brain fever, urine infection a, d pneumonia.



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