This Brilliant Anti-Smoking Billboard Received Priceless Reactions From Passers-By

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7:40 pm 10 Jan, 2017

A Swedish pharmacy has placed an innovative and animated provocative billboard, featuring a young man’s head and shoulders, who “coughs” when he senses cigarette smoke from passing smokers.

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

The screen has embedded smoke detectors.

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

The hard-hitting campaign has been set up in Stockholm, in an inner-city pedestrian thoroughfare where smokers were known to congregate.

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

In the pharmacy’s advertisement, the young man tells viewers: “We’re the Swedish Pharmacy Hjärtat. Our mission is to help you live a longer and healthier life.”

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

The campaign’s slogan is ‘New year, new resolutions’ and the advertisement goes on to portray various treatments to help you quit smoking.

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

In a video showing the effects of the ad on passers-by, smokers can be seen stopping in shock as they watch the man cough profusely.

The video has been uploaded to the pharmacy’s Facebook page and viewed more than 374,599 times.

Facebook/Apotek Hjärtat

One social media user praised the ad and said if it can only motivate one person to stop with this disgusting habit, then it’s worth it.

(Disclaimer We Do not promote smoking in any way.)



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