12 Ways To Answer Your Boss (In Your Head) For Instant Peace Of Mind

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 11:36 am


Have you ever imagined answering back to your boss at work?

It happens with most of us that the right words in our head never pop out. Who’s going to take the risk? But you know what? Answering your boss in your head can certainly be useful. It can make you feel at ease, really!

Try these out the next time your boss asks the most common questions.

1. Boss: Are you working hard enough? I don’t think so.


You: I am working my ass off. But I am not going to be your chamcha.

working hard enough

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2. Boss: I think you are very unprofessional at times.

You: Well I learnt it from you. You claim to be the best, remember?

very unprofessional

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3. Boss: Why are you always late? (Imaginary assumption)

You: So that I have to spend the least amount of time with you.

always late

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4. Boss: I want you to execute this ASAP.

You: Oh, really! Guess I’ve to do it as sloppily as possible.

execute this ASAP

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5. Boss: You better not come up with any excuses.

You: You’re the one who makes fancy excuses every time you fail to fix something.

any excuses

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6. Boss: Get ready to work this weekend.

You: Will I be finishing your work or mine?

work this weekend

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7. Boss: Are you leaving so early?

You: How can I? Now that you know.

leaving so early

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8. Boss: I expected you to do one thing right!

You: You don’t know your additions, boss! I swear.

one thing right

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9. Boss: Do you know how hard I slogged, when I was at your position?

You: Here we go again. Blah, blah… let me count till 10. Please stop by then.

your position

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10. Boss: Don’t ask silly questions!

You: Just tell me on the face that you don’t have the answers, loser.

ask silly questions

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11. Boss: I don’t have time for this; I have to leave for a meeting.

You: I understand that you have to leave for a meeting, always. Just when I’m serious about work, like always.

leave for a meeting

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12. Boss: I am warning you for the last time.

You: Yeah-yeah-yeah, you said that the last time, and the time before that too.

the last time

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For all you bosses out there, before you go down my throat, please remember:

“Kyunki Boss bhi kabhi employee tha.”

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