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Another Baby Girl Left To Die: Where Are The Moral Guardians When You Need ‘Em?

Updated on 17 August, 2016 at 1:32 am By

Baby girls being abandoned in dumpsters, in public transport, and on the sides of busy roads is nothing new in India. Certainly not in Punjab. It isn’t for nothing that Punjab has a shockingly skewed sex ratio — 903 girls for ever 1000 boys. Which, simply put, means that about 10 percent more girl children tend not to make it if they’re born in and around Punjab.


One such unfortunate infant was found abandoned in the bushes near a railway track in the town of Abohar in Punjab. Passersby heard her cries and alerted the authorities. Bystanders tried helping the infant, who seemed to have been lying there for quite some time and had been bitten by bugs all over.



The media is up in arms about why the cops insisted on taking pictures of the infant instead of getting her the medical attention she obviously needed. A Dalit leader took the opportunity to chastise the way the police handled the situation. So, all in all, everyone said their piece and went about their day.

My question is, why wasn’t Child Protective Services present? Or even the odd NGO activist, or some representative of the system? Where were the people whose job it is to make sure children do NOT go through horrifying ordeals like this one?

Why isn’t the media asking the right questions? Why aren’t we doing more? Is it really so commonplace, so ordinary a thing in India now for a girl child to be thrown out like garbage, that we don’t even bother holding anyone accountable? Are things really that far gone for girls in India?!!



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