19 Types Of Girls That Other Girls Have The Right To Dislike

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7:14 pm 24 Aug, 2015

These kinds of girls might endear themselves to guys, but its very hard for other girls to like them. They don’t know what the ‘bond of sisterhood’ means and often fail at being anyone meaningful in other females’ lives.

1. The “I’m a princess” type

Look, guys may be all impressed with you being a delicate flower, but when you’re in a group of girls, don’t be all attention-seeking and unable to perform the slightest task without major encouragement.

2. The “I’ll hit on all guys” type

This girl is just a nymphomaniac and soon other girls who know her realize that she won’t spare any male they know. Brothers, friends, cousins, and even your boyfriend – she’ll hit on them all.

3. The “I’m good because she’s bad” type

This female has nothing to offer and she knows it. The only way she can get attention is by making other girls sound bad. It doesn’t matter if she has to invent the most horrible lies to do so, she’ll do it anyway.

4. The “I can’t keep a secret” type

She’ll hound you until you tell her what she wants to know; an hour later, everyone else knows about it. When you confront her, she’ll tell you that she meant you no harm, it’s just that she can’t keep a secret.

5. The “Let’s bitch about everyone else” type

This female is riddled with insecurities and instead of working on her self-esteem, she finds it easier to drag everyone else down to her level. Beware, today she targets others; tomorrow, it’s you.

6. The “I can barely hide how jealous I am” type

She’ll make you laugh at how transparent her jealousy is. She’ll tell you look bad when you don’t, try and convince you that you have no talent and keep trying to make your fears rule over you. Don’t let her.

7. The “I’ll use you” type

This one is the kind who will chase you to try and become friend with you. When you finally give in and decide to get to know her, you’ll find out that she wants to be your friend because she wants things from you.

8. The “Feminism is bad” type

This female is a blot on the gender; she’ll see trying to hail an auto at 7 PM as something that “good girls should not do”. She’s a male-worshipper and since you don’t have a d*ck, your opinions don’t count.

9. The “Fashion police” type

While this kind of girl may not be as bad as the others, she has a tendency to follow the herd and can crush the spirit of those girls who choose to experiment with their look or try things that others might find odd.

10. The “Chronic complainer” type

She has ninety-nine problems and then some! And she chooses to air them whenever and wherever possible. We are all supposed to feel sorry for her, and we do, until she becomes a real buzzkill.

11. The “I need a guy to complete me” type

Maybe it was Bollywood that ruined her? I don’t know who is to blame for her messed-up thought process, but all she can focus on is getting a guy. It’s pointless trying to be her friend because she’ll ditch you for d*ck every time.

12. The “I have a rod up my ass” type

“Inflexible” is almost synonymous with her. She has a set way of doing things. That’s fine. But girls hate her because she won’t let anyone else do their own thing either. She’s always complaining about you to parents or teachers.

13. The “I’m better than you” type

This girl is competing with you…and you don’t even know it. Every time she asks you where you’ve been, what you’ve done and what you got, it’s only to make sure that you didn’t manage to out-do her.

14. The “I can’t stop talking” type

These sorts of women can be endearing on the big screen (‘Jab We Met’), but god forbid you come across them in real life. They’re like a TV that you can’t turn off or turn the volume low on. Only Shahid Kapoor can love them.

15. The “Fake natural beauty” type

She’s always trying to convince you that “mein toh kuch nahi karti; yeh to natural look hai mera” while looking like a painted mannequin. It’s okay to wear make-up or get work done, just either be honest or keep quiet.

16. The “There can be only one woman here” type

You usually find this sort in offices or friend groups. They think that they’ve managed to bag the “woman place” so they treat any new female as a major threat. You approach her as a friend only to find a knife in you.

17. The “Drama queen” type

We hate her because she overreacts to everything. EVERYTHING. If it rains – “Oh God, nahiii!” If she sees her neighbor five minutes after speaking to her – “HIIIIIIIIII!!!” If she finds someone wearing the same top – “Kill me now!”

18. The “Hai tauba” type

She gets shocked and upset by “indecency”. You can count on her to blow things out of proportion. If your bra strap is showing, she’ll assume you have lose morals. If you’re standing with a guy, you’re just a prostitute.

19. The “Lend me everything” type

This girl wants to borrow you entire life. You find your shoes at her place; she’s wearing your top in a pic on FB. Whatever you have, she acts as if it’s her birthright that you let her “borrow” it whenever she wants.



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