10 Things About Your Younger Brother That Annoys You, But Still He Is Your Best Friend

8:30 am 24 Aug, 2018


Being the eldest sibling in the family is not only a gift but a curse also! Well, there are only some times when you can have the upper hand in an argument, there are high chances that you can lose a majority of the arguments to none-other-than your younger brother. As elder siblings, we are given the torch of responsibilities to lead ahead and the younger brother enjoys a chilled-out life.

Well, you and younger brother grow up together in between those silly fights over toys, yelling at each other, playing pranks on each other, and annoying each other. Evidently, there can be times when you have felt as though their mere existence is about to make you snap. Hence, let’s take a moment and reflect on the things that irritate us the most about our younger brothers. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that we love them to the core.


irritating younger brother things 1




1. You have to babysit them all the time, no matter how old you get. And, what is the worst part about it? You don’t even get any monetary benefit from it!


2. God knows for what reason, they keep playing silly pranks on you that irritates you to death. From hiding your things to breaking your things, they have done it all



3. When your friends come over to your house, your baby brother makes sure to humiliate you in the most embarrassing way possible



4. They will eat all your hidden stacks of food and then they will act like they didn’t even touch them. Well, then who else did, mom or dad?



5. Say bye-bye to your privacy because your baby brother is everywhere. Even a closed door won’t help you because they don’t know any boundaries of a private life



6. Trust me, you are blamed for every sin they have done. From breaking the plates in the kitchen to drawing with markers on the wall, you are blamed for the sins of your younger brother. Why? Because, you are the responsible in the family!



7. Here’s a secret! Sharing a bathroom with them is the worst thing possible because accept it, boys are disgusting (especially the younger brothers)



8. A younger brother becomes the favorite child in the family, and you are left deprived of all the attention and the special love you had before he was born



9. They know how to blackmail you once they have known your deepest secrets. From boyfriends to parties, they keep all your secrets and then blackmail you to make you agree on their silly demands. There is no solution but to accept their terms and conditions




10. Since you are the older child, you have to do all the household work and they get to rest for the day. Apparently, they are too young for the parents to take any responsibility! Poor you!



11. Like you already don’t have a lot of things to deal with, you are also supposed to set an example for those devilish younger brothers. You are forced to live up to certain expectations, because God-forbid, your younger brother will ‘follow’ your path in the future



He may be irritating and annoying, but trust me, he is your best buddy. One who is so special to you that he has become your source of happiness. You have got a partner-in-crime in him who is making every experience in your life a blissful one.



You become the protective sister or brother, whenever something stupid happens to him because you know you love him more than anyone else in the world (even more than yourself). Keeping aside the struggles you have faced due to his troubles, you know that he is your first and forever best friend.