7 Annoying Things About Freemium Phone Games

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10:00 am 18 Jul, 2015

All free-to-play games we have on our smartphones are essentially Freemium. Which means, they are free to play, but there are a lot of things to buy within the game – lives, upgrades, powerups – without which you cannot really have the full experience of the game.

And it is annoying as shit! Here is a list of things that makes me wish we were in an older era, just downloading a game and playing, without the maker forcing me to keep buying things if I want to really enjoy the game!

1. Limited time

Or limited lives, or limited levels after which you have to wait for half hour, 2 hours, 1 day or any ridiculous amount of time till your fuel or lives or chances are recharged so that you can play again! Unless you buy a special upgrade pack with real money and then you can play forever. What crap man.


Phone games

Really? My phone is pregnant with new life? candycrush-cheats

2. Help your friends

WTF man. I just want to while away some time in the train or before I sleep. If I wanted to interact with other people, I would do that on WhatsApp! Stop asking me to contact my friends for everything!


Phone games

Amy can go eff their own self. games

3. Rare items

Some items you require within the game are so rare, you cannot help but buy them if you want to progress! Whether you are creating a suit of armour for your badass warrior or looking for a watering can for your Farmville flowers, the game makers want to earn money from you!


Phone games

Ok, I believe you won’t finally make me buy the item. google

4. Spin slots

And there are those ENTIRELY CHANCE-BASED spins or pick a reward scenarios which are so NOT chance-based that you keep getting crap items and not that one amazing item they keep on showing as the grand prize but no one has actually won it in centuries.


Phone games

I got the crappiest thing AGAIN? stanfaryna

5. Unnecessary registrations

Every bloody game wants you to register on their own sites and Google Play and Leaderboards and what not! I don’t want to compete man! I just want to play!


Phone games

Do I have to attach my Birth Certificate with this? playwebgame

6. Build a character

The number of characters I have built just trying to play a game, I must have added to the population of the country. And there is always something better to equip your character with!


Phone games

Can I just have a readymade character to play with? Like the good old Temple Run days? appadvice

7. No offline mode

A lot of games today think you are disqualified from playing the game if you do not have internet access. This is not always for the game play itself, but to show you those annoying ads!


Phone games

No. Once I break up, I never reconnect again. kingofthieves


Freemium is the newest, most profitable model for smartphone games. Candy Crush, one of the most popular games on the phone makes an astonishing $3-4 million EVERYDAY, just selling virtual lives and powerups! And for a game that is entirely based on luck, this is a ridiculous amount to make. No wonder gambling is one of the most profitable businesses in the world.


What about these new breed of free-to-play but pay-to-enjoy kind of games do you absolutely hate?



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