12 Annoying People You Come Across In A Movie Theatre

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6:00 pm 7 Jul, 2015

After a long wait and a tiring week, you decide to watch a good movie over a weekend! You’ve been waiting for this one for a long time but when you go to the theatre spending ridiculous amounts of money on a multiplex ticket and even more ridiculous money on the popcorn, this is what happens and such are the people you come across!

1. The crying kids!

Omg! They are everywhere! Wherever you go, they follow! Malls, movies, trains, planes, buses! They target every possible place to screw your peace of mind. They’ll cry for absolutely no reason and you just wish their parents shut them up so that you can pay attention to Akshay Kumar’s dialogues and Abhishek Bacchan’s stunts.


Movie goers

“Kya? Kaun? Sunaayi nahi de raha hai! Akshay Kumar Pav Bhaaji banata hai?” SantaBanta

2. The whistlers

They’ll whistle loudly every now and then for the sole purpose that THEY CAN… Be it Bhai showing off his dance moves or Deepika her TOI endorsed cleavage.


Movie goers

“Kya kadak chasma pehnela hai bhai ne!” *whistles* Desi-Box

3. The dancers

Dancing to Madhuri Dixit and Amitabh Bachchan’s songs in the theatre were the days. Munni and Sheila are just filling up the void. No matter what the number, these people will always keep you entertained with their ek number steps!


Movie goers

“Kamariya Kare Lapa Lap Lollypop Laagelu..!” DailyMoss

4. The tch tch granny

I still have no clue why grannys coming to watch a film starring Emraan Hashmi. She’ll sit besides you and do her tch tchs and would make you develop a guilt complex for having come to watch this film with your better half.


Movie goers

“Tauba tauba/Bai bai!” India-Forums

5. The desperate couples

Which brings us to the couples! I get it you don’t get rooms to make out. But, unless it is me doing it, I shall join the granny in doing tch tch everytime you guys as much as share your popcorn!


Movie goers

“Ye hi karna tha toh Gunday dekhne jaate!” YouTube

6. The bakasura

I get it. You can feel hungry. But the way you eat those overpriced samosas in the movie theatre makes me blame my dad for not working harder in his youth so I could eat more ridiculously priced food in movie halls.


Movie goers

“Bhai, lega thoda?” Reddit

 7. The trailer tempted

We all have that one silly friend who never shows up for any movie but will always say ‘Me ye sab movies dekhunga’ for the one time he shows up and watches the never ending trailers with a drooling expression on his face.


Movie goers

“Yaar ye Chennai Express kya mast lag rahi hai! First day first show dekhunga ye toh!” BrunchNews

8. The noisy college group

There is always a whole lot of college students who have bunked their biology class to watch Tees Maar Khan because they thought it would probably be more entertaining and that they finally can chit-chat loudly and crack jokes instead of sleeping in the lecture. For the sake of variety, they will disturb you instead of their teacher.


Movie goers

“Come On Ranbirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” TheHindu

9. The phonesomes

These people get on your nerves more than anyone else when they talk so loudly on their cellphones as if talking loud didn’t become obsolete in the 90s. Well, their ringtones are even more annoying.


Movie goers

“Kya? Sandaas me paani nahi aaya abhi tak? Ruko, main tumhe pura procedure detail mein batata hun..!” DailyMail

10. Tejomay Whatsappers

These people find forwarding Daddy Jokes with fully bright phone screens more interesting than watching the Bond film which they paid for. And when you can sense that annoying brightness through your goggs in a 3d movie, you just wish the 3d monster came and ate them RIGHT NOW!


Movie goers

“Andhere main kuch dikhta nahi hai bhau…” BlueGape

11. The losts

They are either perpetually late, never understand what is going on, or both. And they start asking you the dreaded question – “Kya? Kya bola wo? Kya hua abhi?”


Movie goers

“Ye Laxminarayan kaun hai?” YouTube

12. The guessers

They probably think they have the powers of Rohit Mehra and can actually see into the future. They keep predicting what happens next by directing the movie in their minds. Not to mention, with a success rate of ZERO%.


Movie goers

“Iska matlab samjhe Daya!?” StoryPick


What kind of annoying people have you come across in the theatres? Honestly, which kinds are you?


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