11 Annoying Male Habits That Lady Drivers Have To Struggle With On The Indian Roads

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5:28 pm 30 Apr, 2015

Being a male and an asshole often goes hand in hand on the Indian roads. As soon as men see a lady driver at the wheels, a phenomenal excitement overpowers them and makes them react bizarre.

While some of them will only jump off the road when they see a woman at the wheels, others will deliberately create panic to test them, even if it means risking their own lives.

So irrespective of whether you are a good or a bad driver, here’s a list of things the Indian roads will treat you with:

1. When men see a girl drive top speed, they suddenly push hard at the accelerator only to overtake her.


2. When she parks the car right in one go, men can’t help but stare bluntly and think, is she for real?

Yes, we can drive and as good as any of you and sometimes better than you, so what?


3. When a girl overtakes a guy, it become their mission to overtake her back at all cost.


4. When she changes lanes she’s judged.

Almost like she’s attending the Judgment Day, with only one exception – there are too many men to judge.


5. When she offers colleagues a ride home, the first thing they ask is – do you know how to drive?

Seriously dude? Do you think I’m giving you free pass to death on the road?


6. As soon as they see a girl parking a car, some of them will automatically appear for help, assuming she doesn’t know how to do it.


7. Men just can’t stand a girl reverse parking a car, they will immediately come up for directions.


8. When at the paid parking, the attendant always assumes a lady driver needs help.

We really don’t want unwanted and unasked for chivalry.


9. Driving too slow, it means “oh she’s still learning” – But stop honkinggg………

Maybe I’m just enjoying a slow drive, what’s that got to do with learning.


10. When stuck in traffic, the guys just can’t help but adjust their mirrors only to pass time, staring at the rare species on the wheel.


11. There is never a lack of spectators on the road, who are only waiting for one mistake you make.

In fact they make you so conscious with their stares you end up committing silly mistakes.


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