7 Types Of Annoying Judges On Reality Shows

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10:00 am 29 Jul, 2015

Reality TV is so done and dusted, it is kind of annoying as a whole package. The over-the-top melodrama, the un-laughable jokes, the unnecessarily catty participants, the over-blown-Hansel-and-Gretel-candy-house sets… you get the drill. But, more than anything else, the most infuriating part of reality shows are the judges! They are full of themselves, boring and almost always, fairly dispensable.

Here are the absolutely mind-numbing, stereotypical reality show judges in no particular order!

1. The washed-up celebrity judge

This person’s career is going nowhere (as it should), so to give it a new lease of life, he/she appears on a reality show. This person is clueless but will still comment something, because he is a JUDGE. The amount of ego-boosting everyone indulges in onscreen for this person, even though they know better, is too much to handle.


Annoying judges

Mujhe paisa de do and I’ll make Rakhi Sawant cry on-screen. reddit

2. The rest-on-laurels

You probably found this person sweet in the beginning as they never criticized anyone and always praised the positive aspects of the participants on the show. But the diplomacy went too far and now you just hate this person for giving you unrealisitic life goals. No one is this blind to mistakes. EXCEPT this person.


Annoying judges

Give a real opinion already! memecrunch

3. The reluctant technicalist

This unwilling person is on the judging panel to give the show some kind of credibility, because he’s an expert and all that. But this person is too much of a professional and every time he/she comes up with a new term for something, you want to hit them with a bat. This person could be speaking Prakrit for all you know.


Annoying judges

OMG! *panic mode on* idigculture

4. The drama queen

This will be the underpaid and more attention-seeking version of the celebrity judge. You know that whenever this person opens their mouth, things are going down for real. And episode after episode this happens, you get some Nutella for reassurance that this person exists only on television.


Annoying judges

Please not again! tumblr

5. The argumentative Indian

That judge who adds fuel to the fire of the drama queen. We applaud this person for taking a stand against bullshit, but each time they react to this person and have lengthy arguments, it compels you to read Chetan Bhagat books instead. This judge is like that kid in your class who unnecessarily argues with the teacher and wastes everyone’s time.


Annoying judges

This is what it sounds like every time they open their mouths for an argument. gosswoss

6. The too-good-looking

This is the judge who thinks he/she is so good looking, it must hurt to even look at the television screen. This person is apparently there to boost the eye-candy level of the show and as a result, the TRP’s.


Annoying judges

I look so fabulous, I can’t even care about what show I am on. tumblr

7. The behti Ganga judge

This is the person who comes according to their convenience a.k.a. whenever they have a film releasing. The amount of time they waste by single-handedly commanding all the attention and the blatant attempts at promoting their films is as about as entertaining as an intellectual debate starring Rahul Gandhi.


Annoying judges

Your performance is as good as mine in *Happy New Year* tumblr


Year after year, season after season, reality shows don’t look like they are going to improve. And due to these, television continues to live up to its eponym of idiot box.


Are there any types of judges that we have missed? Any types that you actually secretly love?


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