Anna Hazare’s Protest Against ‘Anti-Farmer’ Ordinance Is Necessary For Democracy

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4:56 pm 23 Feb, 2015


Anna Hazare’s latest protest at Jantar Mantar is against Narendra Modi government’s ordinance on Land Acquisition Bill.

Anna alleges that the Ordinance is anti-farmer and, therefore, undemocratic.

According to The Land Acquisition Act, 2013:

Before acquiring land for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects it is mandatory to obtain the consent of at least 70 percent of landowners. (80 percent if private companies want to acquire land.)

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The ordinance gives sweeping – nearly dictatorial – powers to the government in matters of land acquisition.

The ordinance removes the need for consent of a landowner for purposes of acquiring land for five areas of industrial corridors, PPP projects, rural infrastructure, affordable housing, and defense. (Effectively everything!)

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The Congress says that such a move clearly points to the fact that the Centre is going overboard in its attempts to please Corporates.

Anna’s next step is to go on a 3-4 month-long ‘padyatra’ across the country to make people aware of the “anti-farmer” provisions made by the Centre in the ordinance.

Anna is scheduled to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on the matter.

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