5 Incredible Cases Of Animals Taking Revenge On Humans That Baffled The World

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8:30 am 31 Aug, 2018


Humans often underestimate the intelligence of animals and often see them as living things that cannot hold grudges because of their limited emotional capability. However, that cannot be farther away from the truth. Animals can actually develop a like or dislike for other animals and this can last for years. This list of five instances of animals taking revenge on humans are certain proofs that they can hold grudges, plan and retaliate and therefore must not be underestimated. It would be unbecoming of the most intelligent animal in the world i.e., men to see them as unintelligent.


1. A tiger tracking down a poacher who shot at it




In the winter of 1997 in the far east of Russia, a snow-covered wilderness, 47 years old Vladimir Markov’s body was found headless and disemboweled which sent terrors in the hearts of others in the region where tigers and humans lived in harmony for ages. Upon investigation, it was found that Markov was but a poacher who, sometime before being killed, had injured a Siberian tiger and even stole part of its kill which was a wild boar. Markov had made the mistake of making enmity with an alpha-male tiger in its prime.

The tiger tracked down Vladimir’s cabin with the help of his scent and destroyed everything in it. Markov was but not there while the tiger carried on the rampage. It then waited there for 12 to 48 hours for him to return. When finally he returned, the premeditated tiger pounced on him, killed, and ate him to complete its vengeance.


2. A pack of dogs attacking a car to take revenge for a mate



Dogs are believed to be intelligent animals but dogs holding a grudge, forming a pack, and seeking revenge is something that is a rare phenomenon. That’s what exactly happened in 2015! A resident of the city of Chongqing, China who was looking for a space to park his car decided to kick away a stray dog that was occupying an empty space instead of just shooing it away.

When the man returned the next morning, he found that his car was severely damaged by what appeared like marks of biting. When the confused man told about this to his neighbor, he discovered that after he had gone, a pack of stray dogs had appeared on the scene and took revenge on the car. It genuinely looked like an act of revenge for kicking one of their mates. The whole ambush was even caught on the camera of his neighbor.


3. Crows attacking specific persons even after years



Crows are not only very intelligent birds but according to researchers in Seattle, they also hold grudges for a very long time. Also, pass the trend to the next generations and peers. It all started when the researchers for a different research had been trapping crows and branding them for five years. During the trapping, they observed that whenever they would trap crows, the murder of crows would fly over them, swoop around and even dive-bomb them. But that was not all!

The crows actually memorized the faces of the researchers and whenever they would be seen outside, they would be attacked again by the crows and it went on for years. Amazingly, the crows were even able to spread the behaviour among other crows and next generations who never witnessed the trapping of crows by the researchers first hand.

Soon, the researchers started to wear masks. This time, the crows remembered the masks and showed similar behaviour whenever the same masks were worn by the researchers even after a year.


4. Elephants ravaging villages after one of them was poisoned



About 27 villages around the Champua forest range in Keonjhar, Odisha since the night of July 12, 2011, could not have peaceful sleep for weeks as they were being continuously attacked by two herds of sixteen elephants over and over, destroying their houses and crops led by one female elephant.

When the reason for such sudden behaviour of the elephants was investigated, it was found that on the night of July 11, few poachers had poisoned a male elephant when it ate a jackfruit. The poison soon killed the elephant. The poachers then went on to remove the tasks of the animal and flee from the scene.

Prior to that, the elephants used to move near the villages but didn’t create such havoc. Special teams of officials were deployed soon after to get control of the situation and keep the animals away from human settlement.


5. Tiger taking revenge for its dead partner and cub



At the beginning of the year 2016, a group of men who used to brew country liquors in the forest in the Pathanamthitta region of Kerela spotted a tigress and its cub loitering while they were on their usual mission of brewing liquors. Immediately, one of the members of the gang shot the tigress and the cub dead. They peeled the skin of the animals and divided the flesh among themselves, unaware that they had just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

Three days later, the gang was again on their way deep into the forest, only this time something was waiting for them. The male partner of the tigress, since the killing of the tigress, had been searching for the gang. When they entered the forest, the tiger, which was following them, pounced on that member and left him severely injured, which led to his death eventually in the hospital. In the following months, the tiger kept roaming about human settlements with the motive of taking revenge.


The whole incident came to light when Thampi, a member of the brewing gang was arrested by the forest officials and he narrated the story.

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